A homeowner that also claim the home as their primary residence.

  • If you and/or a co-owner are already approved for Homestead on another property
  • Your mailing address does not match the property address
  • Not current owner of property
  • Owner does not reside at the property
  • If application is not completed in its entirety
  • Changing the mailing address away from the property address (this includes p.o. box & c/o)
  • Ownership changes

Indefinitely. Unless, you change your residence, mailing address or sell the property. If you are ever required to reapply, you will receive a new application.

No. You will not have to reapply again unless your status changes that would require you to fill out a new application. i.e. transfer of ownership address change, death, or a move to or away from a property you own.

March 1 of each year

It is a reduction in your school real estate taxes. Therefore, the exclusion will automatically be calculated, reducing the original amount of school taxes owed. It is NOT in the form of a rebate check.

The application process is from Dec. 15 -Mar. 1 annually

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to notify the Assessment office, within 30 days, if the status of the Homestead changes.

No. You will have to reapply to receive Homestead on your new home.

The school district that your property is located in determines the amount & gives the reduction based upon gaming revenue generated by the state of Pennsylvania. The County Assessment office only collects and maintains the application process.

The Assessment office has received information that puts your Homestead status, for the property described on the application, in question.  We are requiring you to reapply to confirm ownership & residency. Please contact the Assessment office with any questions involving this new application.

Homestead amounts are determined by the School Districts individually. Therefore the amount will differ from school district to school district.

It is usually due to the fact that we have not received an application from you. The Assessment office must send out an application to all residential property owners each year who have not responded previously. Call the Assessment office to verify that this is the situation.