Register & Recorder

Linda Miller

Register and Recorder

Linda Miller

Register and Recorder

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Joy Heinbaugh

Department Clerk III

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Sara Marshall

Department Clerk II

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Roger Picking

Department Clerk II

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Deborah Shatzer

Chief Deputy

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Susan Walter

Second Deputy

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• Records all documents pertaining to land records, deeds, mortgages, etc. 

• Handles the probate of estates upon death for executors or administrators 

• Collection agency for Dept. of Revenue for State Realty Transfer Tax and

• Inheritance Tax 

• Records Military Discharge Records 

All documents listed above are registered, recorded, and filed within this office.

Franklin County Register and Recorder information is now on the LANDEX System. You can access Recorder of Deeds online at: LANDEX Remote. Any questions pertaining to the LANDEX System, please contact: (717) 274-5890

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Courthouse Annex
157 Lincoln Way East
Chambersburg, PA 17201
(717) 261-3872
Fax: (717) 709-7211
Office Hours: M - F, 8:30am - 4:30pm
Closed on weekends and all county observed holidays