Public Defender

Ian Brink

Public Defender

Ian Brink

Public Defender

Shannon Barnett

Assistant Public Defender

Casey Bogner

First Assistant Public Defender

Tara Franklin

Assistant Public Defender

Joyce Gentry


Cindy Kean

Legal Secretary II

Nancy Mackley

Legal Secretary III

Brian  Mains

Assistant Public Defender

Jeffrey Morgan


Clark Stiteler

Assistant Public Defender



The Public Defender is responsible for furnishing legal counsel to any person who, for lack of sufficient funds, is unable to obtain legal counsel in any situation where representation is constitutionally guaranteed. In general, a person is entitled to legal counsel whenever that individual's personal liberty is at stake. This would include capital crimes, misdemeanor and felony offenses, and summary offenses that carry a mandatory sentence of incarceration.

In Franklin County, eligibility for public defender services is based on federal poverty guidelines. Income, family financial responsibilities and the nature of the charges are all considered in determining qualification for legal representation by the public defender.

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