Eligibility and Intake


Where Do I Begin?

1) If you are not registered with the County Office of Mental Health, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities and Early Intervention (MH/IDD/EI), you need to call the office to initiate the intake process.

2) Submit documents during the intake appointment that will help establish that you are eligible for services through the intellectual & developmental disabilities system. Some examples are medical, psychological with full scale IQ and school records. The County MH/IDD/EI office will then determine if you are eligible.    Staff can help you obtain a psychological with a full scale IQ if you do not have one. You will need to bring your medical insurance information, such as medical assistance card (ACCESS)/ or other insurance to the intake appointment.  

Criteria to qualify for services: 
• IQ of 70 or below assessed by a licensed psychologist
Deficits in two or more areas on an Adaptive Behavior Scale 
Diagnosis of mental retardation prior to age 22   

3) If you are found eligible to receive services and are requesting services now or in the future, you will receive supports coordination.

What Happens Next?

Your Supports Coordinator will:
• Talk with you about what kinds of supports and services would be helpful to you. 
• Offer you an opportunity to complete an application for the Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver Program.
• Create an Individual Support Plan (ISP)  

If sufficient funding and capacity for services is available, your Supports Coordinator will:

• Enroll you in services which will require completing additional applications.
• Help you develop your individual plan.
• Help you talk with individuals or agencies in the community that could support you.
• Coordinate and monitor supports and services.

If sufficient funding and capacity for services is not available, your Supports Coordinator will:
• Offer you the opportunity to complete a Prioritization of Urgency of Need for
Services (PUNS) form and place you on the waiting list. 
• Help to identify other types of community supports and services that would help you while you are waiting.

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