Work Release Program

The Pre-Release (work release) Program is administered by the Franklin County Probation Department from the Franklin County Jail.  Participants must be made eligible by the Court at the time of sentencing to even be considered for the program and are then subject to assessment by the Jail’s treatment staff.

At intake, the inmate provides information regarding current employment, if applicable.  Contact is made with the employer to confirm information provided by the inmate, and if the employment is determined suitable for Pre-Release participation, arrangements are made to have the inmate moved to the Pre-Release unit of the jail.  Both the inmate and the employer are provided with written program rules.

All inmate pay is processed through Pre-Release where housing, work-related expenses and court-ordered financial obligations are deducted from the paychecks and paid to vendors.

Unemployed inmates or those whose employment is disapproved can apply for employment with prospective employers on file at Pre-Release, or outside applications can be brought in to the inmate, and provided through Pre-Release.  Applications are hand delivered to potential employers by the Pre-Release staff on a regular basis. 


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