What is Elder Abuse?

Physical Abuse - Pushing, biting, rough handling, restricting movement, unwanted sexual advances and bruising.

Emotional Abuse - Intimidation, humiliation, threats, insults, harassment, isolation, rejection, bullying and belittling. 

Self-Neglect - Behaviors that threaten an elder's health or safety. 

Neglect - Refusal or failure by those responsible to provide food, shelter, healthcare or protection for a vulnerable elder; abandonment or suspicious death. 

Financial or Material Exploitation - Illegally taking, abusing or concealing funds, property or assets of an elder. Intentionally misleading or preying upon an older person. 

Potential Signs of Elder Abuse

Unexplained Injuries - Bruises, pain from touching, burns and scratches. 

Changes in Usual Behaviors and Patterns - Reluctance to talk, isolation, hesitation, fear, anxiety, unexplained refusal of medical treatment. 

Discrepancies between Known Assets & Life-Style - Altered wills and trusts, unusual withdrawals, gifts given, checks expected and not received. 

Partners of the Franklin County Elder Abuse Task Force

Franklin County Area Agency on Aging Office
Franklin County Coroner
Franklin County District Attorney
PA Department of Aging
PA State Police
Protective Services of Temple University

These groups have an interest in protecting Franklin County's seniors from crimes of elder abuse. The Task Force is active in promoting awareness of elder abuse, teaching other professionals, service providers and the public about elder abuse and ensuring that crimes against the elderly are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Report Elder Abuse

To report mistreatment of elders who live in the community or in a residential setting, please contact the Franklin County Area Agency on Aging at the numbers below. Your confidential report will be assessed immediately and professionals will determine a course of action. 
Toll free - 1-800-642-6990
Local - 717-263-2153