Pollworker Hall of Fame

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania – October 16, 2014

In recognition of their valuable contribution and exceptional dedication as a pollworker, the Franklin County Commissioners honored six individuals this morning at the first ever Pollworker Hall of Fame Ceremony. In order to be named to this Hall of Fame, a pollworker needs to have worked at a polling place for fifty years or more. 

Those honored included the following:

Esther J. Wagner - 61 Years

Gertrude W. Zeger (Deceased) – 60+ Years (Award accepted by her son, Jim Zeger)

Alice Collins – 60 Years

Bonita G. Heckman – 55 Years

Vera F. Lensbower – 52 Years

Norma L. Cleaver – 49 Years

In addition to a signed certificate, the nominees were also presented with a gift certificate to a local restaurant and a bouquet of flowers. 

Commissioner Keller stated "The Franklin County Commissioners are grateful for the years of faithful and distinguished service to both the voters and the Franklin County Election Board.”

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