Other Services

Juvenile Probation Officers employ many tools in order to reach the balance of community protection, youth accountability, and assisting to build competencies. Several programs that address accountability and allow the youth an opportunity to “pay back” to victims and the community are community service, the Remuneration Fund, and the Coupon Project. Family involvement is an integral part of offender rehabilitation. Referrals to treatment providers are often times part of the probation case plan. However, many families need the support of their extended family or friends to impact positive change. Involvement in the Juvenile Justice System creates collateral consequences beyond the traditional Court processes. With a juvenile record, youth may find themselves unable to get employment, enter college or the military, get security clearances, etc. With technology this has increased those consequences for offenders. Youth must have the ability to move forward as productive citizens, to learn, to be employed, to have a career. Expungement of the case is oftentimes the only avenue that is available to alleviate those consequences. Juvenile Probation in conjunction with the District Attorney’s Office has created an expungement process that meets the criteria as set forth by the Juvenile Act as well as the Pennsylvania Rules of Juvenile Court Procedure.

Below is a listing of the other services provided by the Franklin County Juvenile Probation department.

  • Community Service Program
  • Remuneration Fund
  • Coupon Project
  • Expungments

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