Magisterial District Court Locations

Magisterial District Judge 39-2-01:  Borough of Chambersburg
Glenn K. Manns
phone: (717) 263-5808
fax: (717) 263-1923
Magisterial District Judge 39-3-02:  Borough of Waynesboro, Washington Township
Annie Gomez Shockey
phone: (717) 762-9411
fax: (717) 762-9297
Magisterial District Judge 39-3-03:  Fannett Township, Hamilton Township, Letterkenny Township, Lurgan Township
David L. Plum
phone: (717) 532-7672
fax: (717) 532-2506
Magisterial District Judge 39-3-04:  Borough of Orrstown, Borough of Shippensburg (West End), Greene Township, South Hampton Township
Kristin D. Nicklas
phone: (717) 263-7949
fax: (717) 261-1849
Magisterial District Judge 39-3-05:  Antrim Township, Borough of Greencastle
Duane K. Cunnigham
phone: (717) 597-8581
fax: (717) 597-8123
Magisterial District Judge 39-3-06:  Borough of Mercersburg, Montgomery Township, Metal Township, Peters Township, St. Thomas Township, Warren Township
Jody C. Eyer
phone: (717) 328-3521
fax: (717) 328-3527
Magisterial District Judge 39-3-07:  Borough of Mont Alto, Guilford Township, Quincy Township
Kelly L. Rock
phone: (717) 263-5820
fax: (717) 263-4116
Map Disclaimer

These map links and any magisterial district determinations are based on geographical information provided courtesy of Google Maps. Please be sure to verify results prior to any legal action by contacting Court Administration. The Court of Common Pleas of Franklin/Fulton Counties does not imply approval of the information from this or any other external source, warrant the accuracy of any such information or endorse any opinions expressed therein.