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Unpaid taxes are turned over to tax claim in January each year for the prior year.

It is your responsibility to give your tax bills to your mortgage holder.  If you have not done that your taxes may not be paid and then will become delinquent.

Yes you can make partial payments, however an initial deposit of 25% is due upfront and an agreement must be signed that the remainder will be paid in four equal payments.  If a taxpayer defaults on this agreement the taxes will remain delinquent until paid in full.

Yes. Click here to go to the website. If you are paying by credit card a convenience fee of $1.00 or 2.15% whichever is the greater is charged.

While we do accept credit cards for payment, we cannot accept a credit card over the phone.  If a credit card is used to pay your taxes a convenience fee of $1.00 or 2.15% whichever is greater is charged.

We do not accept personal or business checks as a form of payment.  We do accept a bank check, money order, or credit card.

No, you may send a representative in to pay your taxes. 

The mailing address is:  Franklin County Tax Claim Bureau, 2 North Main St. Chambersburg PA  17201.

No, these payments must be paid to the respective tax collectors.

The Tax Claim Bureau does not maintain a list of current taxes that may be due.  You will need to contact your Tax Collector for this information.

No the Tax Claim office does not acept a post mark. Payments are applied and effective the date they are received in the office.

Penalties and interest are added to taxes that have been turned over to tax claim. These amounts will change each month on the 1st.

No you cannot find the amount you owe online.  You must call the Tax Claim Bureau at 717-261-3884 for the correct amount.

A list of perspective properties will be advertised in the Public Opinion, Record Herald and the Franklin County Law Journal.  The list will also be updated and maintained daily on the county website.

An Upset sale is held every year in September and a Judicial Sale is normally held three months after the upset sale.

A property will go to upset sale when real estate taxes are two years delinquent.  If taxes are delinquent for two years and they are not paid by June 30 the property will be advertised; however taxes can be paid up and until 4:15pm the Friday before the upset sale.  The upset sale price will include the two year delinquent taxes plus any municipal or state tax liens.

Delinquent taxes must be paid by June 30th at 4:15pm each year to avoid the property from being listed in the newspapers.
During an upset sale a property is sold for delinquent real estate taxes, municipal liens and state tax liens.  This sale is subject to any and all liens against the property.
A judicial sale of a property will happen after the property has been exposed at the Upset sale.  If the property does not sell at the upset sale it will then be moved to the Judicial sale and will not be subject to any liens.  A lien holder must protect their interest at or prior to this sale.