Adult Probation - DUI

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You must complete a certified Drug & Alcohol Treatment program, and you must be 6 months in compliance with your payment plan.  You must remain in compliance with your payment plan, or the Courts may impose an Administrative Suspension of your driver’s license.  Restoration of your driver’s license may be restored by paying the purge amount, and remaining in compliance with your payment plan for 12 months.

The DUI Coordinator must receive a referral from the outside County or paperwork from the outside state in order to schedule an individual for DUI School.  You must pay the cost of the DUI School ($150.00) to “Payment Division” prior to the start of the class.

MADD Victim Impact Panel is testimony from families that have been affected by drunk drivers.  It is sometimes a court ordered requirement for alcohol-related offenses.  It is currently held on the second Thursday of every other month beginning in January at the the King Street Church in Chambersburg.  You may call #(610)825-4902 to register for the Victim Impact Panel.  You must obtain the Victim Impact Panel form from Probation to have it signed when you attend the event.

Once your ARD case has been closed out successfully, the Probation Department will mail you a completion of your Probation letter and instructions for dismissal of the charges, along with a list of attorneys that can assist you in the dismissal process.  You may contact your attorney or use one from the list.  You must provide them the letter of successful completion of probation.  The Dismissal will simply show that your case is no longer active and it has been “dismissed”.  It will continue to show up in any Criminal History Background Check.  To have your ARD case removed from the Criminal History Check, you must have the case “Expunged”.  You must contact an Attorney to have this service completed.  This service is not free, and the prices may vary with attorneys.