Adult Probation - Community Service

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During you initial meeting with your assigned probation officer they will give you a timesheet to take to your volunteer agency. Your supervisor at your designated agency must sign off on your hours.

There is a community service bulletin board in the waiting area at the Adult Probation office and at the DRC. There is a calendar of events with corresponding flyers. Most flyers have tabs you can take with the agency name and contact information readily available.
Your probation officer will provide you with an agency list during your initial meeting. You will need to reach out and contact the agencies directly. Reach out to the community service coordinator or your probation officer for special conditions or questions.

Turn your completed and SIGNED timesheet into your probation officer. Be sure to fill in the agency information at the top of the page and make sure you have all required signatures.

Community service hours should be completed at your probation halfway mark. If you are on probation for 4 years, by the end of year 2 community service hours should be completed.